Paint Correction and Auto Detailing in Ajax, Ontario

What is paint correction and why it should be done?

Paint correction is the process that removes scratches, swirl marks, water spots, bird etching marks, paint defects, etc. It should be done to improve the look of the vehicle, and insures that a ceramic coating, wax or a sealant will bond to the paint better thus making it last longer.  Traditionally it has been known as buffing, compounding or polishing; however all these fall under the category of paint correction.

Will my paint look brand new again?

Yes, however, results will depend on the age and condition of the vehicle.  Many times paint correction can achieve near flawless results. A lot of things play into the results of a paint correction. The year of the vehicle is a major part. A very old car that has been treating very poorly and has a lot of scratches and swirl marks and other defects will make it very difficult to achieve 100 percent results. The better results you want will mean a bigger price mark. Means taking a lot longer on the paint correction process and may require sanding; which is a whole new subject of its own.

What is sanding?

Color sanding (or wet sanding) is the process of removing thickness of your cars paint. Keep in mind that sanding will not completely harm your car. It can be done right and achieve great results. But it also depends on the conditions of the vehicle. Vehicle car maintenance plays a big role in how much sanding can be performed on the vehicle. Older vehicles are less likely to be able to perform because of how beat up the clear coat may be. It is more a risk to perform paint correction because the clear may be too thin.  When a car is newly painted often times there exists “orange peel” which may even come from a vehicle straight from the factory.  Here at Flawless Finish we go the extra distance to perfect the paint by levelling the “orange peel” through careful sanding and levelling until perfect results are achieved.

What are the options of paint correction?

$50 per hour.  Time can range from 3 hours to 40 hours of paint correction depending on the vehicle. Here are some packages for paint correction in Ajax, Ontario:

Paint Correction in Durham Ontario

Suited for paint work in good condition already that have no real visible swirls and only very minor marring.

Suited for vehicles that have moderate swirl marks and light scratches.

Suited for vehicles that have heavy swirl marks, scratches and other paint defects.

(40 hours would pertain to show cars going to Pebble Beach competitions).  Here is one such video of my work on a 1962 Porsche 365:

If you aren’t a car enthusiast, don’t plan on entering your vehicle in a Pebble Beach competition or the annual International Car Show and just require a general detailing and cleaning, check out our package deals:

Car Detailing in Ajax, Ontario

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